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Energy management

Until now, in many companies, energy topics such as saving, generation, efficiency, and heat have been managed in an uncoordinated and decentralized manner. Fossil-based solutions were often at the forefront. Since the beginning of the energy crisis, the negative consequences of this approach for the core business have become increasingly apparent.

Manufacturing companies in particular need holistic energy solutions. Well-managed consumption- and cost-reduced energy concepts are one of the essential building blocks for a successful climate strategy. In addition, next to independence from the volatile fossil energy market, such concepts offer the company resilience and decisive competitive advantages.

Together with experienced energy strategists, Funkelfeuer analyzes where you stand and which adjusting screws need to be moved for a coordinated, sustainable energy and heating concept. We will also gladly explain to you which companies we have already enabled in this regard.

New Power

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Until now, many climate and environmentally-friendly energy sources such as photovoltaics, wind power, geothermal energy, or biogas were more expensive than conventional technologies. This has changed significantly. Today, we see it as one of the central tasks to perform new profitability calculations based on the current energy costs in your company. Instead of installing as many green energy technologies as possible at once, we select them according to demand and use them in a smart network.

By rethinking the interaction of existing solutions and technologies, we leverage potential for you. We specifically support a fossil-free and emission-free power and heat supply for your company and help to reduce costs.

A dynamic sprint,

long-term impact

Our energy sprints start with a comprehensive strategic analysis of all energy areas – from efficiency to in-house power generation to waste heat utilization and storage. Together, we build a framework for the governance of enterprise-wide energy management – from the development of suitable individual measures to the development of innovative solutions to finance the projects. Your internal managers are the main actors in the process. After all, you can only generate impact and enthusiasm through realized results. And that is our goal.

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