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We all know that the Paris Agreement on climate protection is at stake and that the 1.5-degree target must be met. We need to fundamentally challenge the way we think and act and adapt our way of doing business. Things that sound abstract at first are transformed into very concrete challenges in business reality: intelligent supply chains, green energy, generating our own electricity, new mobility concepts, or resource management for example. All exciting changes from which you can gain advantages for the immediate future.

Determining your position:

Knowing your starting position allows you to modify anything

The most important question is usually: Where do we start? We think: The best place to start is with the status quo. To do this, we first ask you questions and listen carefully to understand your need for action.

How do the environment and climate influence your value creation? What risks and requirements do we identify from the perspective of customers or legislators? What would happen if you did nothing? What entrepreneurial opportunities arise?

Climate balance:

Those who take stock, first must create transparency

This is where we dive into the heart of your company: What are the main direct and indirect emissions along the value chain? We look at everything from suppliers to your own production, from product use to product disposal (Scope 1-3). We rely on recognized standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) or ISO standards. Together with selected partners, we introduce suitable software solutions to create and analyze a precise carbon footprint of your company, the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), or of your products, i.e. the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF).

Targets & reduction:

If you want to make a difference, you need ambitious objectives

Based on the carbon footprint, we jointly determine an ambitious objective and action plan for decarbonization. Along your business activities, an individual reduction path is created to reduce the greenhouse gases you produce. We support you in the implementation and encourage you to also involve suppliers and partners.

Finally, we identify which offset projects for unavoidable emissions can positively contribute to your climate strategy. Throughout the process, we ensure targets and reductions are in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and the SBTi (Science Based Target Initiative).

Control and monitoring:

We leave know-how in your company

From the very first moment, we enable you to independently monitor your emissions and measures in the future: with the help of the implemented climate software, comprehensively trained and sensitized employees, as well as well-practiced new processes. Only a customized and automated climate management system can produce long-term results and ensure that they are credibly integrated into your individual sustainable business strategy.

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