Cultural transformation

for sustainable change

Green New Work –

more than just a new buzzword

Do you want to position your company responsibly and sustainably? You are aware that you and your employees want to achieve a broader understanding of economic success in addition to a climate strategy.

We help you to jointly develop the appropriate “green and fair” filter through which you will be able to pass every decision in the future. This new way of thinking and acting has a positive impact on your corporate culture. A collaborative and agile work style is the order of the day. Your New Work and sustainability activities grow together and also increase your attractiveness as an employer.

The Prerequisite –

Sustainable Leadership

A successful transformation starts with your leaders. You have the role of mobilizing others and anchoring holistic, sustainable perspectives within the entire company.

The precondition for this is personal commitment, interest and responsibility for entrepreneurial action – even beyond your own business activities. On this basis, the necessary understanding of sustainable contexts, interactions, possible solutions and urgencies must be built up among you. We provide your managers with the necessary knowledge and appropriate tools. We enable you to achieve your goals with effective measures, to draw the right conclusions from failures, to inspire your stakeholders and to build trusting relationships. Because this is the only way to promote effective action.

The Mindset

determines the success

The holistic, sustainable positioning acts as a powerful driver for all employees and partners. The new way of thinking and acting brings momentum to the company. A “sustainable” mindset is established. In workshops and trainings, we support you to develop the culture in your company and to make your employees the main drivers of the sustainability transformation.

Bring everyone in the company along?

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New thinking for new potential

Our sprints for your transformation


Do you want to integrate sustainability into your strategy and report on it? We will navigate you through this process so that the change succeeds and inspires.

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Do you think holistically about sustainable change ? We help you to strategically align your core business and develop sustainable products and services.

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You are looking for more energy independence and resilience? Together we sprint to a strategy that ensures you a sustainable supply and reduces costs.     

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Do you want to engage everyone? We are your sparring partner to turn managers and employees into multipliers of sustainable transformation.

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Greenwashing is not your style? Together we integrate your sustainable approach into the DNA of your brand and help you to communicate it authentically.

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