„We have to stop playing off
economic growth against nature and the environment.“

Frauke does what she loves: growing bold ideas and companies that develop inspirational long-term solutions. And managing the interfaces between sustainable innovation, technology and people.

As the managing director of a renewables corporation, a technology startup, a renewable energy business cluster and as a council member of B.A.U.M. – the German Environmental Management Association – Frauke moves things forward. And she likes to climb mountains to get new perspectives.

Frauke, what brought you from managing renewable energies

to impact consulting?

I always thought it was exciting to manage innovations and complexities. I think it is very appealing to turn and adjust the self-induced vulnerability of conventional business models until they actually serve people and the environment – and to anchor sustainable products and services in companies’ core businesses. At Funkelfeuer, we want to use our great energy, expertise and networks in relevant future markets, as well as our strong common focus, to make a contribution that really moves the needle.