Impact meets


Let us start with a simple truth: Positioning companies towards sustainability is the only reasonable strategy in this day and age.

This is not only demonstrated by climate change, species extinction or the recent pandemic, but also by ever more dynamic markets and capital flows towards social and environmental responsibility.

It is as though the entire planet was creating demand based on sustainability: All around the globe, governments, markets and institutions are supporting the development of sustainable innovations. Consumers and industries are joining in

Acting successfully means acting sustainably.

Funkelfeuer exists to generate entrepreneurial success from these changes. To achieve sustainable returns with sustainable impact. For companies, investors and startups. For a future that is successful in every respect. We call it Sustainable Intelligence.


We ourselves are founders of numerous startups, but we also understand large corporate structures. Entrepreneurial action determines our thinking. This means we look for the best, most pragmatic and most affordable solution for you. Because the more successful you are, the more successful we are. And we gladly demonstrate this through performance-based compensation.

We only take on tasks and projects that are both sensible and effective from a sustainability perspective. We maximize impact together with our expert network.

Success is the combination of creativity with scientific facts, technical and digital skills, and investment expertise. It is the result of intensive advisory and implementation work. For this reason, we manage all of these elements simultaneously